Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my new ink cartridge not printing?

This is common with ink cartridges that have built-in print heads (such as HP, Lexmark or Dell). Cartridges are generally kept flat or upside down for weeks or months before being used. As a result, the ink will settle at the other end of the cartridge and will be unable to directly feed the print head. The easiest solution for this is to open the box and stand the cartridge upside down for a few minutes before using. Next, get a moist paper towel, fold it into quarters and the set cartridge print head down onto it, holding it there for three minutes. This will help to prepare the print head and pull the ink out. Finally, install the cartridge into your printer and print a few test pages.

Why didn't my ink cartridge print the full amount of pages? Why was the yield lower than what was stated online?

Customers often worry about the yield of pages their cartridges give and will mistakenly try to track a cartridge’s yield by time. The amount of time it takes for a cartridge to go empty is an inaccurate indicator of its page yield. The manufacturer’s stated page yield for ink and toner cartridges is given at 5% coverage. This means that the quoted page yield is based upon printed pages where only 5% of the page has been imprinted with ink. This comes out to be a small amount of imprinted ink – roughly one quarter of the page. For example, a short memo has approximately 5% coverage. If you are printing letters, using legal size paper, printing photos, web pages or any type of graphics, your coverage will vary greatly and your page yield will drop much more significantly.
There are two ways to correctly check for yield. First is to utilize any page count your printer has. Please see the user's manual for instructions. The other way is to count reams or boxes of paper you have used with each cartridge. Both of these methods will tell you how many pages per cartridge you are using.
Please keep in mind that although both methods give you with an approximation, your cartridge’s yield will ultimately depend on your printing proceedures. You should also take into consideration the typical print coverage on the pages that you are creating. For example, if you only print short memos you will reach – or, come close to – the manufacturer’s state page yield. In contrast, if you write full page letters or print graphics, your page yield will be significantly less. A cartridge with a 4000 page yield, for example, will run out of ink or toner at around 800 pages when used to print full pages of text and graphics with a high percentage of ink or toner coverage.

Why am I getting an error message when I insert my new cartridge?

The most commonly seen error messages are listed below, as well as trouble shooting techniques to help eliminate any type of error message. If you are still unable to get rid of the error message please call our customer service department at 626-861-0635.
  • A message asking you to replace your black/color inkjet cartridge
  • The cartridge light blinks on the printer.
  • A message that ask you to check your black/color inkjet cartridge.
  • A message that indicates the cartridge is not seated properly. A message that indicates there is no cartridge installed

    Solutions for an Error Message:

    Cartridges that do not have an internal print head (Epson, Brother, Canon) A lot of times this is caused by the chip on the cartridge not making direct connection with the printer sensors. All you need to do is open the area of the printer where your cartridges are installed. Remove the problematic cartridge from its assigned port and reinstall the cartridge to ensure it is properly seated, secured, and that the chip is lined up with the printer censor. Close the printer cover and proceed to turn off the printer. Wait a few a few seconds and restart your printer. Proceed to print a test page and you should be good to go. If this problem still occurs please call our customer service department at 626-861-0635. Cartridges that have an internal print head (HP, Lexmark and some Canon) This is caused by the cartridge not making proper contact with the printer. This may also be caused by unclean contact points on the cartridge. Open the area where your cartridges are installed and remove the problematic cartridge. The cartridge contacts can be cleaned using a lint-free cloth or coffee filter. Completely power down your printer for 2-3 minutes by unplugging the printer from its power source. Then turn your printer back up, reinstall your cartridge making sure it is seated correctly, and that it’s in its designated slot. Your cartridge should be recognized and ready to print. If this problem still occurs please call our customer service department at 626-861-0635.

    Why does it say my cartridge is empty when I install it?

    Every cartridge is individually checked, weighed and tested before packaging to ensure that it is filled with the correct amount of ink. This error message is usually the result of a cartridge that is not firmly seated in its designated spot. To troubleshoot the problem, begin by completely removing the cartridge from its port. Reinstall the cartridge by positioning it so that it snaps into place and is securely fastened in its slot. Keep in mind that your printer doesn’t actually read the amount of ink in the cartridge. Printer software simply estimates the amount of ink remaining in the cartridge by remembering the number of pages that were printed when the previous cartridge was installed, and using this information to estimate when your next cartridge should be replaced. If a new cartridge is installed before the printer driver resets, there is a chance that the printer may think that the old empty cartridge is still being used. To fix the issue, reinstall the cartridge and click on the install new cartridge option; you may have to refer to your printer’s manual for further instructions. Selecting the new cartridge option will indicate to your printer that a new cartridge has been installed which will then prompt it to reset the page counter. This should eliminate the error message. If further assistance is needed, please call us at 626-861-0635.

    How can I get dried ink out of my inkjet print head so I can continue to print?

    Place the clogged cartridge in about ¼ - ½ inch of warm water for a few minutes. When you see the ink start to slowly leak out, take the cartridge out of the water and dry it using a soft cloth or Q-tip. Place the cartridge back inside your printer and run the print head cleaning utility that comes with your printer software. You may have to run the print head cleaning function 2-4 times before print quality is reestablished. If your print head is damaged you will have to buy a new cartridge, as print heads cannot be repaired.

    Why does the cartridge I received look bigger than the one that's already in my printer?

    You’ll notice that some of our cartridges – compatible and remanufactured - will look slightly different than the printer-brand cartridge. There are a couple reasons for this. For one, a majority of our remanufactured cartridges are equipped with a protective clip that must be removed before installation. This is an L shaped clip that runs along the side of the cartridge and is meant to guard it from any damage that might occur during the shipping process. The clip will make your cartridge appear larger than the cartridge in your printer. Please open the package and carefully remove the protective clip as well as any protective tape that covers the cartridge’s print head.
    Many of our compatible cartridges might have slight design differences from the original. This is to avoid infringement on a patented design. Despite any structural difference you may notice, the cartridge will still fit and print a full yield.

    How should I handle my cartridge?

    Never make contact with the electronic print head with any abrasive material. Use care when setting your cartridges down and do not place the print head in contact with any surface besides the designated contact points in the appropriate printer slot.

    What is the best way to store my cartridges?

    Ideally, your cartridges should be stored in an upright position at room temperature. During shipment, cartridges may be placed in various positions and this can cause the ink to settle at the opposite end of the cartridge, which may result in printing issues. For optimal performance, before using your cartridge, place it in the upright position for a few hours to allow the ink to move to the bottom of the cartridge. This will let the be absorbed the sponge, allowing the cartridge to print properly.

    Does the letter at the end of the HP inkjet cartridge part number matter?

    The letters at the end of a number sequence in HP cartridges signify the cartridge’s ink volume. Many HP cartridges, as well as some other manufacturers, have a long sku, a short part number and, sometimes, even an alternative part number. For example, HP's #56 cartridge is also known as the 56A C6656, C6656A and C6656AN. These are all the same product and have the same ink volume, but are displayed using various shortened versions of the full part number, which is C6656AN. Most HP cartridges are available with different ink volumes. HP cartridges with different ink volumes are identified by a different letter at the end of the number sequence. For example, HP cartridge 51645G and 51645A are identical cartridges, but have different ink volumes. The "G" is the free starter cartridge that comes with a printer and the "A” is the regular high volume cartridge that is sold in stores. When our house-brand cartridges are manufactured, they are always filled completely. So, regardless of the letter at the end of the HP part number, or the letter at the end of the HP cartridge that you normally order, you will always get a cartridge with a high-ink volume from Arthur Imaging.

    What is a remanufactured inkjet cartridge?

    Remanufactured inkjet cartridges are original printer-brand cartridges that have been through one cycle of service before undergoing a professional remanufacturing process. These cartridges and their print heads are (1) thoroughly cleaned and filled with a high quality equivalent ink formulation, (2) checked to ensure they have the correct internal atmospheric pressure, (3) inspected for any possible shell leaks, (4) tested to ensure that the electrical circuitry is in proper working condition, and (5) undergo and pass a lengthy print test. Only cartridges that pass our rigorous inspection process and meet our high standards become Arthur Imaging brand remanufactured cartridges.

    What is the shelf life of compatible brand ink cartridges?

    Compatible, third-party print cartridges have a three-year shelf life.

    Do you buy back empty cartridges?

    Rather than ship your empty cartridges back to our warehouse, we suggest that you find a local recycling facility for proper disposal. Most major office supply retailers will accept old or recycled cartridges, or direct you towards a resource that will accept them.

    Will my warranty be voided if I use third-party cartridges?

    Many customers express a legitimate worry as to whether the use of third-party ink or toner will void their printer’s warranty. The answer is NO! What follows is a partial quote from the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act, which protects your rights and your warranty. MAGNUSON-MOSS WARRANTY IMPROVEMENT ACT United States Code Annotated Title 15 Commerce and Trade Chapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties Section 2032 "No warrantor of a consumer product may condition his written or implied warranty of such product on the consumer’s using, in connection with such product, any article or service (other than article or service provided without charge under the terms of the warranty) which is identified by brand, trade or corporate name; except that the prohibition of this subsection be waived by the commission if:
    1. The warrantor satisfies the Commission that the warranted product will function properly only if the article or service so identified is used in connection with the warranted product, and
    2. the Commission finds that such a waiver is in the public interest.
    More simply put, your printer warranty cannot be voided just because you choose to use compatible, third-party products unless the manufacturer can prove that the compatible product caused direct damage to your printer. No company, associate, salesperson, or service technician can deny you service or a refund that would otherwise be covered under a warranty program simply because you use a compatible product; your consumer rights are protected by United States law.

    Every time I add a second item to my shopping cart the first item disappears. What is wrong?

    This is mostly likely the result of having cookies disabled. Try enabling cookies on your web browser and, if the problem persists, please contact us so we can assist you accordingly.

    Will I have to pay sales or use tax on my order?

    Local sales or use tax may apply to your order depending on the order’s “ship to” address.

    Do you offer expedited shipping?

    Yes, we offer FedEx 2 Day and Overnight shipping. 2nd Day shipping options are available during the checkout process. If you would like to get your package delivered overnight you can get a shipping quote by calling us at 626-861-0635, as this option is not available online.

    Is your website secured?

    We strive to provide you with the safest online ordering experience possible. This site is tested and certified daily to pass the "McAfee Secure" Security Scan. To help address concerns about possible hacker access to your confidential information, and the safety of visiting this site, the "live" McAfee Secure mark appears only when this site passes the daily McAfee Secure tests.

    Why have I not received my email confirmation?

    Once an order is received online an email confirmation is directly sent to the email address that was provided. Another email is then sent to you once the order is processed. A final email confirmation will be sent once the order is actually shipped out. If you have not received any confirmation emails, it is possible that the email was delivered to your Junk Mail folder or we may have your incorrect email address on file. It is also possible that the order was not received, in which case you may call our customer service at 626-861-0635 for assistance.

    Why have I not received my order?

    We ship all orders from our facility in Southern California. Most packages that are shipped to an address within the contiguous US are delivered within 3-5 business days. Orders that are shipped outside of the contiguous US may take longer to be delivered. To view our transit times click here. There is also the rare possibility that one of the items you ordered may be back ordered. You can check the status of your online order by clicking here to login. You may also call customer service at 626-861-0635.

    How can I track my order?

    You may track your order by logging in to your online account, click here to log in. You may also contact our customer service department at 626-861-0635; one of our courteous representatives will be able to assist you in locating your order.

    What is a printer driver and where do I find it?

    A printer driver is software that comes with your printer. Once installed on your computer, drivers covert the information that different programs make into printable formats for your printer. Without drivers, printers wouldn’t know how to resize and reorganize information from webpages to fit onto whatever size of paper that you use in your printer. Printer drivers are basically there to tell your printer how to make what you end up seeing on the page look as close as possible to what you see on your screen.

    How do I find the manual for my printer?

    Although there is no manual for individual printer cartridges, a manual does come with your printer. If you happen to lose your printer manual, online copies can typically be found on the manufacturer’s website.

    Where do I find my Material Safety Data Sheets?

    Each printer manufacturer also releases a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the ink and toner that they produce. These sheets go over the safety implications related with the contents of their products. For instance, ingesting the liquid ink inside of an ink cartridge is inadvisable and potentially harmful; but to figure out what the specific results of that decision would be, you would refer to a Material Safety Data Sheet.
    For the support page including the drivers, manuals, or material safety data sheets select your printer brand